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Number 144 - 19 April 2016

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Data: 29/05/2015
Alba Pérez Association will use the proceeds from the solidarity book 'Sueño con Alba' for Ewing's sarcoma research

On May 29  Ca n'Arús at L'Hospitalet de Llobregat, hosted the presentation of solidarity book 'Sueño con Alba' by Rafael Perez, Alba Pérez's father, and head of the association against childhood cancer that bears his name. The proceeds will go to research on Ewing sarcoma, the disease that suffered the little kid.


The event was attended by the first deputy mayor of L'Hospitalet, Mercè Perea, director of IDIBELL, Jaume Reventós, responsible for  Alba Perez Association and author of 'Sueño con Alba', Rafael Perez, and head of the IDIBELL sarcomas research group, Oscar Martinez-Tirado


The book tells the story of Alba and how for five years fought against Ewing's sarcoma, cancer that suffered. It is also the story of all those who made with his family and all who work for Rafael Perez to fulfill the promise he made to his daughter: find a cure for his illness. The book may be obtained by following the instructions on the website and the Facebook page "Alba Perez Association fight against childhood cancer," making a joint contribution to the entity.


The book was edited by the IDIBELL and the funds obtained from its distribution will entirely for research Oscar Martinez-Tirado, head of IDIBELL sarcomas research group.


The association was founded in L'Hospitalet on 2013, following the death of little Alba Perez, who fought from five months to five years old to overcome cancer, and the  experience of her family, who was at his side at all times.


In these two years, the association has raised 456,000 euros for research of childhood cancer. The 456,000 euros collected so far, 56,000 were donated to Children's Hospital San Juan de Dios and 400,000 euros have been allocated to research funding that Oscar Martinez-Tirado takes place in the IDIBELL through the Alba Pérez grant


The Association has promoted over 100 solidarity actions to raise funds both in Catalonia and in the rest of Spain. These actions are promoted through its website and its Facebook page, which has 120,000 followers, of which more than 4,000 actively colaborate with the Association


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