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Alzheimer's Combination Therapy Opportunities (ACTO) Program - Funding Opportunities from ADDF
Identificador: 142/16
Categoría: Projectes de recerca
Entidad financiadora: 328
Fecha plazo OTRI: 13/05/2016
Objetivo de la convocatoria:

The ADDF offers funding for Alzheimer's drug discovery and preclinical development, clinical trials, and biomarker development research. 

Alzheimer's Combination Therapy Opportunities (ACTO) Program: supports biomarker-based combination trials testing repurposed drug combinations from Phase 1 through Phase 2 proof of concept. Priority will be given to projects that:

  • Target biological mechanisms with a strong rationale for these mechanisms to be relevant in treating AD in combination, including but not limited to drugs that target multiple biological mechanisms
  • Explore the combination of two repurposed drugs; repurposing refers to studying compounds developed and/or approved to treat another disease or condition to determine safety/efficacy for treating other diseases
Duración: <p>2-3 years</p>
  • Applications will be accepted from academic investigators and small companies with candidate therapies ready for early phase human clinical trials. Applicants are required to assemble an interdisciplinary team, including but not limited to, biology, pharmacology and clinical trial experts.
  • Researchers with full- time staff or faculty appointments are encouraged to apply.
  • Applications from post- doctoral candidates will not be accepted.
  • Applications will be accepted from organizations around the world.
  • Both non-profit and small for-profit agencies are eligible.  Not-for-profit organizations must submit documentation verifying status for consideration during the letter of intent process.
Documentación necesaria:

All Letters of intent must be submitted online through Proposal Central.

Full applications must be received by August 10, 2016 and must be submitted online through Proposal Central.

Información adicional:

Evaluation criteria:

  • Biological rationale for the combination to treat AD
  • Non-clinical team to define dose and evaluate the PK, safety and toxicity of the combination
  • Biomarker strategy which may include translatable biomarkers to provide data on target engagement
  • Clinical team to define the patient population, exclusion/inclusion criterial and clinical trial design
  • Regulatory expertise in order to gain NDA approval for the combination
  • Patent expertise to provide clarity on intellectual property issues for the combination of repurposed drugs
  • A strong and consistent source and supply for the drugs to be used in the program
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Fecha manifestación de interés: 06/05/2016
Fecha plazo OTRI: 13/05/2016
Fecha final de la convocatoria: 20/05/2016
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