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Identificador: 134/16
Categoría: Projectes de recerca
Entidad financiadora: 312
Fecha plazo OTRI: 06/05/2016
Objetivo de la convocatoria:

Bronya J. Keats Award for International Collaboration in Research on Frataxin Ataxia (FA): accepts LOIs focusing on FA research that relies on international collaboration among investigators in at least two different countries. Special consideration will be given to proposals that bring new scientists to the FA community. 

Kyle Bryant Translational Research Award: accepts LOIs focusing on pre-clinical and clinical investigations that will advance treatments for FA. The specific aims must target one or more of the following:

  • Identification of biomarkers for FA that will elucidate disease variability, severity, and prognosis; facilitate drug screening, and/or optimize selection of patients and clinical endpoints for clinical trials
  • Development of tools and technologies that can be directly used for therapy development; overcome existing obstacles to treatment and be directly applied to, or adapted for, delivery of potential therapeutics
  • Pre-clinical development and testing of potential therapeutics, biologics, and devices in cells and animals
  • Clinical studies of patient outcome measures, potential interventions, or devices.


Duración: <p>1-2 years</p>

LOIs are accepted from for-profit organizations, non-profit organizations, public or private institutions, and foreign institutions.


Special interest is given on: 


  • advancing the understanding of neuro-systems and the neurodegeneration of frataxin ataxia (FA) and implications for therapies
  • advancing  drug discovery (genetic, epigenetic and protein approaches that target increasing frataxin levels)
  • facilitating the drug development process and translational research (IND-enabling studies, biomarker discovery and validation, pilot clinical studies)
  • advancing clinical research – natural history, discovery and validation of clinical outcome measures and/or biomarkers (highest priority will be given to clinical research that utilizes or expands resources of the Collaborative Clinical Research Network in FA)
  • reducing the morbidity and mortality caused by cardiac disease in FA

    Documentación necesaria:

    A Letter of Intent (LOI) is required for all grant applications and must be submitted as one PDF file containing the following information:

    • a brief description of the objectives and rationale for the project (one page)
    • key preliminary data (up to 4 pages)
    • an estimate of the budget
    • CV/biosketch for Principal Investigator (including contact information)

    This PDF file should be submitted via email to  

    Información adicional:


    Each LOI is reviewed by the FARA Scientific Research Committee and, based on the outcome of this review, the applicant will be either invited to submit a full application or informed that the LOI is declined. This decision will usually be made within two weeks of receipt of the LOI.

    For those invited to submit a full application, the deadline for submission is July 15.

    In order to achieve funds for the second year of a 2-year project, satisfactory progress reports must be provided.

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    Fecha manifestación de interés: 29/04/2016
    Fecha plazo OTRI: 06/05/2016
    Fecha final de la convocatoria: 15/05/2016
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