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Therapeutic Pipeline Program (Pre-proposal)- MJFF
Identificador: 135/16
Categoria: Projectes de recerca
Entitat finançadora: 386
Data termini OTRI: 11/05/2016
Objectiu de la convocatòria:

To support Parkinson's disease therapeutic development along the pre-clinical and clinical path (both drug and non-pharmacological therapeutics, including gene therapy, biological, surgical and non-invasive approaches). The Michael J. Fox Foundation seeks applications with potential for fundamentally altering disease course and/or significantly improving treatment of symptoms above and beyond current standards of care. Applicants are asked to develop a clear plan, including major ‘go/no go’ decision milestones, for moving a therapeutic strategy toward ultimate clinical utility in people with PD.


Durada: <p>Applicants may request up to two years of funding for <strong>preclinical </strong>development or up to three years of funding for <strong>clinical </strong>development.</p>
  • Applications may be submitted by: U.S. and non-U.S. entities, public and private non-profit entities, such as universities, colleges, hospitals, laboratories, units of state and local governments, and eligible agencies of the federal government.
  • Given the significant coordination and leadership necessary for this program, post-doctoral fellows are NOT eligible to apply as PIs.
  • The Therapeutic Pipeline Program is open to industry and academic investigators working at either pre-clinical or clinical stages of therapeutic development (both drug and non-pharmacological therapeutics)
  • Applicants should NOT submit the same idea to multiple programs of MJFF.
Documentació necessària:

Applications will only be accepted through the online submission system, completing the following information:

  • Principal Investigator (PI)
  • CoPI and/or Collaborator(s) (if any)
  • Project Duration
  • Project Budget
  • Project Abstract (300 word limit) – Brief summary of the goals of your project
  • Pre-Proposal Template (max 3 pages)
Informació addicional:

Applicants are proposed time-dependent milestones to ensure completion of study objectives. Continuation of funding will be dependent upon successful completion of these milestones.

Only those pre-proposals deemed to be of suitable scientific merit will be invited to submit a full application (deadline: August 5th, 2016). If invited to submit a full proposal, applicants will receive additional instructions and information necessary for submitting online.


General review criteria:

  • Responsiveness: Projects should fit the goals of the particular funding program
  • Scientific rationale for the proposed study and its impact for patients
  • Innovation
  • Overall experimental design and objectives
  • Investigator/Environment: The investigative team should be appropriately trained and well suited to carrying out the proposed work
  • Sharing Plan: Applicants should provide details on how data and/or research tools (e.g., clinical datasets, research reagents and models) will be made available to the public for future research purposes
  • Budget: The proposed budget should be reasonable and justified for the research proposed. Project Timeline: Timelines for completing each study should be clearly defined and include relevant milestones. Project goals must be achievable within the award period
  • MJFF Portfolio: Overlap with other MJFF investments are considered before making any final funding decisions
  • Grantsmanship: Ideal proposals are written clearly and logically, with sufficient details to ensure that reviewers understand all critical aspects of the proposed project methods and plan
Lloc de presentació:
Cofinançament per part de la institució: No
Gestor especialista:
Data manifestació d'interés: 04/05/2016
Data termini OTRI: 11/05/2016
Data final de la convocatòria: 18/05/2016
Data resolució:
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Convocatòries (URL): Fellowship On-line submission system Administratine Guidelines
Altres documents: Guidelines    Pre-proposal Instructions and Template    Guidelines    Pre-proposal Instructions and Template    Guidelines    Pre-proposal Instructions and Template    Guidelines    Pre-proposal Instructions and Template    Guidelines    Pre-proposal Instructions and Template   
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