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Number 143 - 3 June 2015

Discovered a cause of melanoma metastases and a possible treatment

Nature Medicine has published  a study that explains how tumor cells escape from their place of origin and become more susceptible to new molecular treatments

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Alba Pérez Association will use the proceeds from the solidarity book 'Sueño con Alba' for Ewing's sarcoma research

On May 29  Ca n'Arús at L'Hospitalet de Llobregat, hosted the presentation of solidarity book 'Sueño con Alba' by Rafael Perez, Alba Pérez's father, and head of the association against childhood cancer that bears his name. The proceeds will go to research on Ewing sarcoma, the disease that suffered the little kid.

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Crowdfunding for research into new treatments for Rett syndrome

Epigenetics and Cancer research group led by Manel Esteller at IDIBELL has launched a campaign of crowdfunding in Verkami platform to raise funds for research into new treatments for girls with Rett Syndrome. This research is supported by the Catalan Association of Rett Syndrome and by the Spanish Rett Syndrome Association.

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Brachytherapy achieves a 95% cure in low risk prostate cancer

Patients with low-risk prostate cancer who undergo brachytherapy treatment achieved a cure 95% five years. So concludes a study with 700 patients, led by the Catalan Oncology Institute (ICO) -IDIBELL that has been published in the journal Brachytherapy.

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